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a tipi at Brithdir Mawr

Since the late seventies there has been an increasing number of popular chants, celebrating the Earth, being sung round fires and at gatherings. One group that played a large part in the spreading of these chants was called Prana, and we were members of that group. We still sell two CD's, which you can order here by post.
We have also a songbook of 65 of our chants, with music notation, chords and lyrics. As it is now almost out of print, we are exploring the possibility of making the content online from Earth Heart Music, below.

a song circle round a fire

The CD below has in 2010 been re-issued by Earth Heart Music as 'Earth My Body' and you can listen to tracks and buy from here.

CD 'Best of Prana' containing chants Rocks Stones and Crystals, Minerals, The Moon She Dances, Bon Ca Va, Goddess, Om Namaha Shivai, Weya Ho, River Flowing, I am a Circle, Give Away, Kuate, Earth my Body, Shiwinshiwilliga


4 incl. p&p

CD 'Flowering Tree' containing chants Minerals, Praises, The Moon Lights the Way, Mountain, Night of the Full Moon, Love is Here, A Tree, Magic of the Earth, Dhun Dhey, Open up your Heart, Many Thousand Years, Chant to the Four Winds, Keeper of the Moon, Flowering Tree

4incl. p&p


We shall this year, in collaboration with Earth Heart Music, be making available many chants for online purchase, probably as a download-only album. We shall update this page when they are available. We still have some books of Prana chants, with words and musical notation, which are available for 7 incl. p&p.

Until we belatedly go digital for the CD's and chant books above, please make cheques out(sorry, nothing electronic yet) to Prana, and send to Prana, c/o Faith, Brithdir Mawr, Newport,Pembs, SA42 0QJa, UK.

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