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Here are a few links to organisations or people having their main focus as natural building, low impact development, permaculture or earthright living:

Volunteer to work on a natural building project or ask for volunteers for your project
Roundwood timber frames DVD with Ben Law
Living in the Future - videos about ecovillages
Brithdir Mawr website
New Lammas - an ecovillage in West Wales and platform for more
Simon and Jasmine's exquisite house in West Wales
The Mountain - A new Ecovillage project in Michigan, USA <

Permaculture Services in the Lake District

Permaculture courses run by Chris Evans and Looby McNamara

Threshold Centre co-housing project in Dorset, England
A new co-housing group set up in Bridport, Dorset, England
Kaieteur Blog - brilliant and very up to date

Year of Mud - Straw Bale building workshops and a Timber Framing workshop in an ecovillage in northeast Missouri

Eco-Footprinting in Wales, plus calculate your own
LILI - a non-profit organisation promoting practical ways that you can reduce your impact on the environment, learn new skills, save money and have fun.
Sign a pledge to fly little or not at all
Chapter7 - Access to land for low impact housing; planning experts
Low Impact News
Chris Dixon's great site - a permaculture smallholding in N.Wales.
Diggers and Dreamers - directory of communities in the UK
Cob Cottage - Natural Builders in the US - over 50 pics of cob houses
Ecoforums - network of sustainable solutions
Permaculture Magazine - info, books, courses and articles
Permaculture Association
Ragmans Lane Farm - source of education and inspiration
Hockerton Housing Project - ecohousing, community and more
Eurotopia - directory of ecovillages and communities in Europe
Ecovillage Network
Caroline Barry's low impact house, with planning permission
New sustainable living centre in Ohio, USA
Catalyst Collective - Co-ops, radical routes, green links,portugal
Cariboo Blades - Handmade tools of high quality made sustainably in British Columbia
Strawbale Building
Self Sufficient-ish - a site with loads of good ideas and links
Natural Homes - a lovely international source of images and info
Ecohab - Mobile prefabricated round homes for sale

And here are a few sites for real time fun and relaxation:
Unicorn Camps
Dance Camp Wales
Campscene Directory


If you think things could change with green politicians:

Calculate your carbon Footprint:


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