21 March 2002


Dear Mr Wrench




I refer to the above and to your most recent letter of the same.  I apologise but I had not noted in your earlier letter that you wished to address the Committee, you did ask about a site visit which I think I did answer.


The Authority makes no provision at the moment for allowing applicants - or anyone else for that matter - to address the Planning Committee so I could not accede to your request at this time.  Having said that the Authority has resolved to set up a pilot scheme allowing both third parties and applicants to address the Committee but this is not programmed to start until July at the earliest.


I enclose as requested an extract from the deposit draft JUDP re. Low Impact Development.  I understand that following a three week informal publicity period the actual deposit period during which comments should be made will run from Friday 24th May to the 5th July, 2002.


With regard to your"further representations" the Committee report will have to be completed before Friday 5th April so it would assist me if any information is received before that date.


In other correspondence you have referred to the sustainable Community.  Please find enclosed a copy of the relevant map and the definition again from the deposit draft JUDP. I trust that these are of assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Catherine Milner,

Development Control Officer


[My note - I don't have the means to scan in the documents referred to here.  The definition of a 'sustainable community' (now Sustainable Community on their application form) is a slightly extended version of that referred to earlier: " 'Sustainable' in this sense means communities that can keep going from one generation to the next with a reasonable amount of their needs being met from within the local area or by access to facilities in reasonable proximity (although the former is preferred)."  This is certainly not the sustainability I am talking about elsewhere on this site.

The Low Impact Development draft policy, Policy 45, starts: "Low Impact development will only be permitted where: i) the development lies outside the National Park;.....]