Books for Sale

I currently have three books for sale:

If you want any more details of how specific bits of the roundhouse were made, reciprocal roof construction, plumbing, solar panels etc, plus the story and ideas behind it, may I refer you to my book

"Building a Low Impact Roundhouse", published by Permanent Publications, now in a new updated edition at 12.95, and available from them by phoning
(UK)01730 823 311. You can access their website by clicking here.

I have had some good feedback about this book, and since Being first published it has sold over 3,000 copies. The new edition includes new photos plus chapters on a Straw Bale hut and ten-year feedback, including some comments on the planning saga.

You can also order the book direct from me by sending 14 (UK) or 20 euros (eurozone), incl p&p, to Tony Wrench, Brithdir Mawr, Newport, Pembs, UK, SA42 0QJ.
Or the very easiest way to pay is send me 14 by Paypal (to ) and I'll send it asap. Add a bit for extra postage if you live outside the UK.

'Building a Low Impact Roundhouse' was released on Feb 21st 2013 as an ebook and is now available to be downloaded on several formats for 8.50!
Click here for details and to download. I was going to say hurry hurry while stocks last, but now they are more or less infinite, so take your time.

You've probably been thinking 'If the book is that good, it's probably been translated into Norwegian', and you'd be right! Here's what it looks like:

Bigg ditt eget kubbehus!

It is available from this email address.

The second book:

cover by Sarah Latham.


I have written a book 'A Simple Roundhouse Manual' with over a hundred photos from these courses, going through the detail of how to build a simple roundhouse along the lines shown in this website. The book is available on Amazon.

In the US, get it from the Createspace eStore or Amazon for $39.

If you prefer a Kindle version, this is for sale from Amazon at just 4! or the equivalent in your local currency. Go to (or your local Amazon) and search for it under 'A Simple Roundhouse Manual'. If you don't have a Kindle but do have a tablet or similar, there is a free Kindle app available from app stores for you to download onto your device. If you do buy this book and like it, please fill in feedback for Amazon so that others can benefit. I have no idea how properly to advertise it! Thanks.,

The manual is also available as an ebook

Also as a physical book in the US

The third book is

Scenes From My Life

Book cover of Scenes From My Life

You can have this by sending me 10 by PayPal to, making sure to include your postal address. If in Europe, make it 15 euros please, and elsewhere in the world the equivalent of 15, to cover postage. Thanks. I hope you enjoy it.

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